How to Repair a Microsoft Office XP 2002 Installation

Microsoft Office XP 2002, better known as Office XP, provides users with Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Frontpage, PowerPoint and Publisher. Applications may differ depending on which version of Office XP you're using. Occasionally, problems may occur either during or after installation. Microsoft recommends reinstalling Office XP to repair most problems with the installation. Problems may include programs not opening, error messages when trying to open or use any Office application or errors during the installation process.

  • Remove the existing Microsoft Office XP 2002. Go to "Start ' Control Panel ' Add/Remove Programs." Choose "Microsoft Office XP" and choose "Remove." Follow the prompts in the wizard to remove all components of the program. Restart your computer when finished.
Step 2

  • Insert the Microsoft Office XP 2002 installation disk. If the installation doesn't begin automatically, go to "Start ' My Computer" and double-click the disk's icon.
Step 3

  • Allow the setup files to run and scan your computer. This is ensuring you have all the necessary requirements to install Office XP.
Step 4

  • Choose which components you wish to install. Click the checkbox beside each application you want to install. Press "Next."
Step 5

  • Preview your choices. Enter your license key when prompted. Some OEM versions may not require a license key.
Step 6

  • Allow setup to run completely. Restart your computer to complete the process.


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