How to Sending to multiple contacts with gmail

Sending to multiple contacts

It's easy to send one message to many to people at once.

From the Contact Manager:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click Contacts.
3. Select all the contacts you'd like to send to.
4. Click Email in the group details pane.

From the Compose window:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click Compose.
3. In the To: field, separate individual addresses or auto-complete suggestions with commas.
4. Compose your mail.

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How to Watch Videos on Youtube Faster Without any pauses

Hey guys,
Oh so Sorry for the poor quality due to using wrong codec by mistake xD..

Speedbit video accelerator is a software to help u buffer videos fast on youtube.highly recommended for those poeple with slow internet connections.
Slow buffering means the video cant load shyt and pauses between videos that irritates u.
Speedbit is here to help u

[How to use]
search google :)
Download and install.There are stable version and beta version.
Beta version have some features but may have some bugs.Go Youtube and watch a video.ENjoy video without between pauses
Note that it only works with internet explorer 7.

Is It free??
There is free version and premium version.But no worries,the free version doesnt have trials.U can use it forever.
As for the premium version,it has the additional features to download itunes songs and movies 10 times faster.

Song: fever fever by melody club

To use speedbit on firefox
first go internet explorer..
press alt ,then press internet options,go to connections tab
click on LAN settings copy down the proxy
GO TO FIREFOX press tools,options,advanced,network,connectio n,press settings,paste down the proxy under automatic proxy configuration URL and done
BUt note sometimes it does not work on firefox...
Note also sometimes it might slow down your firefox then just go to settings to turn off proxy & switch to direct connection

5 X faster Internet performance with one click. It's FREE plus 100% safe, clean and works!!

Instantly boost your Broadband speed by around 5 X with one easy click. You don't have to spend more money upgrading your high speed Internet Broadband service to get faster Internet speed.


This is a quick and easy way to get more range for pennies.
To download the Diagram go here

Goto for more great ideas!!!

How to get Free WiFi access anywhere, anytime

Download here:
Some things in life should be free. Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. This video shows how you can use Easy WiFi Radar to get wireless broadband connections for free.

If you have ever tried to use Windows XP's built-in connection manager, you know what a hassle it can be to quickly check your mail or browse the web on the go. You need to browse through a list of access points, find one that you can connect to, manually try to connect to it, confirm the connection and then wait. Even if it says that's it connected, often it doesn't open a webpage or you mail will stall.

Easy WiFi Radar automates all of this. It's main goal is to let you get your mail or surf the web without having to go through all of the connection trouble, and without having to pull your creditcard. Just run it and it'll connect you for FREE to the internet. It doesn't get easier than this.

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How to change the name of a label on blog

How do I change the name of a label?

Let's say you have a number of posts with the label Label-1 but you've decided that you'd rather call it Label-2 instead. You can't edit the name of a label directly, but there's a simple workaround to accomplish your goal:

1. Go to the Posting | Edit Posts tab for your blog.
2. Click Label-1 in the label list.
3. Click Select All to select every post with this label.
4. From the Label Actions... menu, choose Apply label > New Label...
5. Enter Label-2 as your new label. (If you already have some posts with this label, you can simply add that label, without creating a new one.)
6. Now all the selected posts should have both labels. From the Label Actions... menu again, select Remove label > Label-1, and you've completed the switch.

Note: If you have a large number of posts with this label, they may not all appear on one page. You can show more posts at once using the Posts Per Page menu. If you still can't show them all at once, then simply repeat the steps above until you've changed the labels on all the posts you wanted to affect.

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

With the growing interest in blogging as a means of online promotion and branding, a lot of marketers are starting blogs to promote their opinions, products, books and services.

But a blog is like a website. "Write and they will come" isn't exactly a magic formula to bring in traffic by the boatload.

If you need to promote your website in order to build traffic to it, you need to promote your blog as well.

Here are some ways you can become a well-read and influential blogger.

1. Write Posts That People Will Want To Read

This should be common sense, but many marketers tend to forget that their readers are real people and that you need to use the principles of online copywriting to make your headlines and copy interesting to your readers.

If you write posts that people enjoy reading, they will reward you by returning to your blog regularly.

Make your posts conversational, pithy and topical. Keep them short and stick to one topic per post.

Write often and regularly so that both readers and search engines visit your blog more often.

2. Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines

I cover this topic in detail in my article on "Search Engine Optimization For Blogs"

But here are the most important rules to follow to get your posts listed for keywords of your choice.

  • Make sure your blog URL contains the primary keyword you want to optimize for
  • Use your primary keywords in the title of your post
  • Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post
  • Use your keywords in the anchor text of links in the body of your posts

3. Submit Your Blog and RSS Feed To Directories

If you publish a blog you should submit your blog and RSS feed to big directories like Yahoo and Dmoz, as well as the numerous blog directories and search engines.

Here is the best list I've found of places to submit your feed or blog, compiled by Luigi Canali De Rossi, who writes under the pseudonym Robin Good.

Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Another list of sites to submit your Blog

4. Ping The Blog Services

There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs. By sending a small ping to each service you let them know you've updated your blog so they can come check you out.

Bookmark the Ping-O-Matic ping results page so you can visit it and quickly ping a number of services with a single click.

5. Build Links To Your Blog

I recommend the methods here as the best ways to get links pointing to your blog.

  • Link to your blog from each page on your main website
  • Trackback to other blogs in your posts
  • Post legitimate comments on other blogs with related topics
  • Offer to exchange links with other similarly themed blogs and websites

6. Edit Your Blog Posts Into Articles

One of the best methods for promoting your website is to write articles and submit them to article directories.

The suggestion for extending this to edit your blog posts into articles and submit them to directories came from the coach at "Explode Blog Traffic" who also has other noteworthy suggestions at his blog.

You'll find an extensive list of article directories here

7. Create Buzz About Your Blog

Creating a buzz about your blog posts and topic in the local and online media will give your marketing a viral component.

  • Create a controversy around your blog or it's topic.
  • Distribute bumper stickers or other merchandise with your blog's URL and tagline.
  • Write a press release about something newsworthy and tie it in with your blog topic.

8. Capture Subscribers By Email

It may seem strange for a blogger to send out updates by email, but email is still the #1 choice of most people who want to receive news and information.

Using a free service like Bloglet to manage your subscriptions is easy and it allows your subscribers to manage all their subscriptions from one interface.

However, if you want more control over your list and don't mind mailing out the updates yourself, you can use an autoresponder system to capture and follow-up with subscribers.

RSS Responder is a new script that allows you to keep in touch and follow-up with your subscribers without the hassle of email.

These tips should give you a good start to building your blog traffic.

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