How to Recover/Remove Microsoft Office Passwords(MS Excel/Word Rasswords)

f you have password protected MS documents like MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Word, but you don't know the passwords. In that case, how to access to the password protected Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheet? There are many solutions on Internet and if you have found out a safe and fast solution? Following is fast and safe solution about how to find out or remove ms documents passwords with Office Password Unlocker 3.0

  • Download Office Password Unlocker from it's official site
  • And Install Office Password Unlocker to your computer and launch it

Step 2

  • Click "Open" button on the program window to select password protected Word or Excel file
Step 3

  • Select attack type. There are three attack modes: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. If you have know nothing about the passwords, you'd better select Brute-force Attack; if you can remember part of your passwords, Brute-force with Mask Attack mode can help you figure out faster; If you almost know which characters of your passwords, but don't know the order, Dictionary Attack can help you find out the correct result with in the shortest time.
Step 4

  • Set priority There are two options: Idle and High. Changing Program Priority allows you to control the allocation of processing resources on your computer. General Options:Auto-save (min):If it is enabled, while the program is processing, it will save the project every a period of time.
Step 5

  • Get ResultClick "Start" to start the attack. This may take several minutes.When the attack finishes, a window will pop up to you, telling the opening password in "File Opening Password".Copy and paste the password in the box below to open the file. If want to open and edit the file, click "Remove All Passwords from the File". Click "OK" to finish the job.


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