How to Quickly Create Icons with your own graphics or Digital Photo

  • hoose an image you would like to be converted into an icon. If you need to crop your image you can use MS Paint which comes with Windows. In Windows XP it is located under, Start > Accessories > Paint
Step 2

  • Go to the Bradicon! website located at:
Step 3

  • Click on the "Browse" button and select your file for upload and click "Open."
Step 4

  • Wait for the file conversion to complete. Usually it only takes 10-20 seconds. If the conversion fails, try reducing the file size of your image. Some larger images will not convert.
Step 5

  • When the process has completed, click the "Download" button to download you icon file. The file will have an extension of .ico.

  • You may also choose to rename your file at this point to give it a more "user friendly" name.
Step 6

  • The final step is to change a folder or icon image on your desktop to your new image. To do this with Windows XP, right click on the current icon or folder, choose the customize tab, click the "Change Icon" button and then browse for the .ico image file you just created.


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