How to Remember Your Passwords

Every website that you go to and have an account on requires a password these days. You’ve got your Paypal account, e-mail account, E-bay account and a myriad of other accounts from credit cards, banks and Amazon. Experts all recommend that you do not use the same password for all of your accounts because if anyone gets a hold of it, they can access all of your online transactions. Experts also recommend that you don’t write down all of your passwords because that paper could also fall into nefarious hands. Well just what do the experts suggest you do then? I guess being experts, they don’t have much common sense in these matters. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep you information safe while still allowing you to remember your passwords.

  • Pick a sequence of numbers and letters. Passwords that have both numbers and letters are tougher to crack than passwords that have only numbers or only letters. Don’t make it a word that associates with you followed by numbers. If you middle name is Paul, don’t use Paul123 for instance.
Step 2

  • Use a sequence like 12345PIX. You can easily modify the I to any other vowel you would like. Use 12345PIX, 12345POX, 12345PAX and so on. You could also do something like 12345PIX, 22345PIX, 32345PIX and the like. This gives you several passwords that you can use that should be easy to remember. If you guess 12345PIX and that isn’t it, go to 12345POX and so on.
Step 3

  • Rotate these passwords for all of your accounts. This way, you have different passwords for most of your accounts but you should be able to remember your one sequence of letters and numbers with the one variable character and you don’t have too many options to guess from. You could try going in alphabetical order with websites and passwords to try to keep them straight.


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