How to Download and Install Common, Free Software Quickly and Easily

Perhaps you've just purchased a new computer, or have re-installed your old computer. Regardless of your situation, you find yourself needing to install a number of your favorite utilities. If you're like me, you want the easiest, fastest way to get up-and-running with a workable machine.

Using a website called Ninite, you can quickly download and install a number of common, useful free applications to your computer. Ninite allows you to quickly install web browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), media apps (such as iTunes, Songbird, and Hulu), messaging tools (Skype, Thunderbird, and Google Talk), office productivity (such as Open Office and CutePDF), antivirus and other utilities.

  • Ensure your Internet Connection is working. Open your Web Browser (Such as Internet Explorer or FireFox) and browse to (Ninite's website is also listed as an additional resource below).
Step 2

  • You'll notice that the applications are grouped together by their functionality. Put a check mark in the box beside each application that you want to install on your machine.

  • Be sure to scroll down and look at all the different categories and available software options. You may see something you'd like to try! *
Step 3

  • Once you have selected everything you wish to install, click the "Get Installer" button at the bottom of the screen. Your download will begin and you'll be prompted for the location to save the installer file. Save the installer to a convenient location (such as your desktop).
Step 4

  • Close your Internet Browser. Double-click the Installer File you downloaded to begin the Installation process. (If Prompted with a Security warning, click "Run")

  • Ninite will begin downloading and installing each application you choose.

Step 5

  • Once everything is finished installing, click the "Close" button. All your programs will be accessible via icons on your Desktop and in the Start Menu.


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