How to Insert Free Images into Your Wordpress Blog

Blogging is a fun way to stay connected with friends and family, share a passion in your life, or even a way to earn extra money. Many people who are new to blogging wonder how more established bloggers are incorporating photos into their posts. Without the right blogging tips, these beginning bloggers fear copyright issues or the expense of properly purchasing photos. The following blog tip will teach you how to insert free photos into your existing Wordpress blog using a PC.

  • Sign up for an free account with a site that offers free photos. Perform an internet search to find such a sight, or sign up for stock.xchng, a popular free photo site.
Step 2

  • Save a photo you like to your computer. To do this, first hover your mouse pointer over the photo. Then, press the right-hand button (not the usual left) to display a special menu. From the special menu, click on "Save image as..." This will open up a dialog box prompting you to choose a file location.
Step 3

  • Choose your file location. Make it a place you will remember by opening the "My Documents" folder. From within "My Documents," open "My Pictures." I suggest creating a new folder labeled "Free Images." This will prevent you from ever inadvertently using a copyrighted image on your blog. Click "Save."
Step 4

  • Log on to your Wordpress blog. Open the post to be edited. From within the editing pane, insert your cursor into the place you want your picture to appear. Remember, your cursor is not your mouse pointer.
Step 5

  • Now, find the area just above the Bold and Italics buttons where it says "Upload/Insert." Click on the small image to the right of this phrase that looks like a black box within a boxed border.
Step 6

  • Insert the Image using the "Add an Image" dialog box. Click on "Select an Image." Once you have found your image and selected it, choose a title and caption and write a description. If you use SEO, these phrases will be searched. Click the button labeled "Insert Into Post."
Step 7

  • Edit the image. Once you insert the post, you will probably find that the text does not appear where you want in relation to the picture. You can easily fix this by clicking one time on the photo, then clicking the "Edit Image" button that appears.
Step 8

  • Fix the alignment. Choose the alignment option that places the sample text where you want. Explore the other options in the Edit Picture dialog box to see what else you can do.


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