How to Convert a Real Player to a Media Player

Many formats and extensions are used for audio files, each compatible with a different range of audio playback software. If you have a Real Player file with the RM extension, you may want to convert it to a Windows Media Player file with the WMA extension, instead of downloading a second copy of the same file with the WMA extension. You can use a conversion tool to instantly change the audio file from one type to the other.

  • Access the links in the Resources section for an RM conversion utility such as "RM WMA Converter" or "MP3 RM Converter." Download the utility and then follow the installation instructions on the screen.
Step 2

  • Click "Add File" or the equivalent option for the utility you are using. Use the navigation window to locate the Real Player file you want to convert.
Step 3

  • Click the name of the file. Choose "Open." Click "Add File" again and choose any additional Real Player files you want to convert to the Windows Media Player format.
Step 4

  • Click the "Output File" drop-down menu. Select "WMA" from the list of options.
Step 5

  • Choose the "Output Path" option. Find the specific folder on your computer where the converted file should be saved. Click the folder; select "Open."
Step 6

  • Click "Convert" to convert the RM files to the WMA extension.


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