How to Use Pinging To Drive Traffic To Your Articles and Websites

You've heard the saying "build it and they will come" ... well, that's not true unless you tell them that you've built it!

Pinging is one of the most effective, quickest and EASIEST things you can do to promote your article, blog, squidoo lens, website and pretty much any content you put up on the web.

  1. Sign up for a pinging service. I personally use Ping-O-Matic so this article will address using that service in particular. Go to and sign up for an account.

  2. Step

    Assuming you already have content you'd like to promote (if not, get writing some articles on eHow and try it out!), open up two browser windows. In one, direct yourself to and in the other open up the page you're wanting to promote.

  3. Step

    In the first blank of Ping O Matic you will see stats to insert your blog's name. Don't worry if it's not a blog. If it's for an eHow article, for example, insert your article's name.

  4. Step

    Now, in the next blank, you insert the url ( I like to copy/paste the url from the other browser window to prevent making any mistakes.

  5. Step

    Check all the boxes to the sites you'd like to notify of your content. I usually check every one of them except for maybe the audio one in the second block under 'specialized services'.

  6. Step

    The last step is to simply click 'send pings' button. A new page will appear telling you the sites that were notified of your content.

  7. Step

    Hit the back button on the pingomatic page and start pinging other articles or pages you may have to promote.

  8. Step

    Be sure to bookmark the page so you can easily go and ping every new article or page you create. You should see traffic results very quickly.

  9. Step

    Each time you make a change to that article page; adding/changing photos or the smallest of text changes.. absolutely anything... go ahead and ping it again!

  10. Step

    I will be adding more social bookmarking and internet marketing tips and methods very soon. Add me as a friend on eHow so you can check back with me for more content that I hope will benefit your efforts here on eHow.


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