How to Watch Videos on Youtube Faster Without any pauses

Hey guys,
Oh so Sorry for the poor quality due to using wrong codec by mistake xD..

Speedbit video accelerator is a software to help u buffer videos fast on youtube.highly recommended for those poeple with slow internet connections.
Slow buffering means the video cant load shyt and pauses between videos that irritates u.
Speedbit is here to help u

[How to use]
search google :)
Download and install.There are stable version and beta version.
Beta version have some features but may have some bugs.Go Youtube and watch a video.ENjoy video without between pauses
Note that it only works with internet explorer 7.

Is It free??
There is free version and premium version.But no worries,the free version doesnt have trials.U can use it forever.
As for the premium version,it has the additional features to download itunes songs and movies 10 times faster.

Song: fever fever by melody club

To use speedbit on firefox
first go internet explorer..
press alt ,then press internet options,go to connections tab
click on LAN settings copy down the proxy
GO TO FIREFOX press tools,options,advanced,network,connectio n,press settings,paste down the proxy under automatic proxy configuration URL and done
BUt note sometimes it does not work on firefox...
Note also sometimes it might slow down your firefox then just go to settings to turn off proxy & switch to direct connection


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